Our company was founded in 1999 under the name Kabinet 3000 Service Ltd, which was changed, after changing our place of residence, to Kabinet FM Facility Management, Execution and Commercial Ltd.

At the beginning, our scope of activities covered design and project management, but in 2001, by winning the facility management services for NI Hungary Ltd. (Debrecen), the operation of the company turned to new directions

Facility management, building machinery, electrical and technological execution has become a priority. By widening our scope of activities, the number of our Clients as well as our colleagues has also grown, and the turnover of the company has risen. In order to adapt to the needs of the market, as well as to create more bases for the company, besides facility management, execution has become more and more important, which we intend to carry on with the same intensity, while keeping the standard of our facility management services.

Goals of Kabinet FM Ltd.:

Our motto: Expertise and Reliability.

Expertise, ensured by our well-educated colleagues, their continuous training and the network of appropriately chosen subcontractors.

Reliability, provided by keeping schedules strictly, fair service fees and our Client-focused attitude.

We try to adapt our work and activities to our Clients' needs. We are flexible in handling varying requirements, which is best proven by our reference letters and long-term partnerships.

As a proof of our flexibility, we are able to maintain an operative department not only nearby our place of residence, but also at any areas of the country (Jabil Global Service - Szombathely, Bridgestone Tatabánya Ltd., boiler room - Környe, MNB operation of boiler - Budapest).

We add the best of our knowledge and efforts to offer high-quality and effective service for our Clients, provide products, and ensure that the state and cost-efficiency of the facilities operated by us are sustainable on the long term.

About ERP system of our Company:

Quality Policy:

At our firm, we utilize ERP, which we managed to implement with support by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, within the GOP-2.2.1-08/2-2009-0086 project.

Our Certification:

Our company's ISO Certificate, which has been audited by QUALI-CERT Kft. in June of 2018.
     ( Valid until 31th May 2021 )

Kabinet-FM ISO tanúsítványa